Windows 3.1 on the Web

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Remember Windows 3.1? One of the first Windows operating systems? (Ok, Mac and Atari were there before that but for the sake of argument this was the first WINDOWS operating system). Well that clunky but lovable OS is out there on the internet if you have missed and and just have to see it again. Ahhh the memories....Floppy drive spinning, disks swapping, systems crashing....what were those buttons on the mouse for anyway??? Well here is a link to where you can see it again in all its glory.

The site is coded in Javascript and to quote them "The goal of this site is not to create an entirely complete mirror image of Windows 3.1, but rather keep the spirit and omit features when they are not justified by an effort to usability ratio. For example, Notepad lacks a find and replace feature because it is not worth the effort. Where features do exist, every effort is made to present them in exactly the manner that they existed in Windows 3.1."

It was interesting to go to the site and remember what it used to be like. It can also give you a taste of the old days (90s) for those of you who were not around when it was the hottest thing out there.