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Best Video Card for under $199

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There are so many options out there when you are looking for a new video card it can be mind boggling. So many manufactures, memory options, core speeds etc. etc. etc....How can you wade through it all and find out which high performance video card you can get and not have to take out a second mortgage? Well the answer is here. We have waded through them and found the best card for your dollar. In this task, as always, we wanted to get you the best performance for your dollar. That being said we wanted to find you the best card you can get for under $199. We have found that you can obviously spend a lot more than that but for that price range you can get a card that will perform well for almost all games with the settings a nice high level.

We compared all of the various features of the cards and presented them here as the summary Frames Per Second (FPS) charts so you can see for yourself which card actually performs the best. We compared the performance at the screen resolution of 1650x1050. The winner by far is the ATI Radeon HD 4870 dual card setup. It bench marked almost 4 times faster than as the slowest card but of course you have to buy two cards. We did this to show how much of an improvement adding a second card would give you. When looking at single card setups It is interesting to note that the best performer and the worst performer are in exactly the same price range, but the best single card setup was still almost three times faster. That goes to show it is not about how much you spend but about how you spend it.


With the best performer being almost twice as fast as the single card setup (you need two Radeon HD 4870 CrossFire Supported Video cards)  it is clear that you will get much better deal with the single ATI Radeon HD4870 1 GB Video Card or the  MSI Radeon 4870 1GB card. This single card setup still gives you almost three times the speed of the slowest card in this group but at the same cost.  In the past NVidia has had a lock on the market and was the way to go. ATI was good but NVidia for the most part seemed like they had the lead. But things have changed NVidia simply can’t match the explosive performance/price ratio of the Radeon card as you can see here. With the same (or below) price point this chart paints a clear picture.

So there it is. Of course with hardware changing every day this will only be valid for a few months as of the writing of this article but we will keep you up to date as things change. If you want Santa to give you something nice for Christmas maybe he will see our comparison and get a good idea what you want!

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