Unix VS Linux

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Unix has always been my OS of choice if I had to do real work, real fast, and real reliable. Nine times out of ten I could whip up a shell script to fix almost any poorly designed piece of compiled code. Unix was supported by the vendors, stable as it could be  and was a coders dream. I remember one time seeing a Windows programmer's jaw drop when we did an uptime on a heavily used Unix server....it had been on for over 3 years...and never missed a beat...try that even today's Windows servers....Linux in the past was a poor mans UNIX but not any more. Linux is now a full blown, fully supported OS and is taking over the areas UNIX used to rule. Anyone who has used both will tell you there is very little different as far as the functionality and in my opinion Linux is the better choice. You have all of the shells (csh, bash, ksh etc.) and the nice UNIX commands like sed, grep, awk (Stop rolling your eyes Windows nerds). Basically Linix rocks and is great not only for the smaller workstations but now is capable of and does support server clusters for everything from web sites to top secret military applications. But what is the difference between UNIX and Linux? Well...

1) They are spelled differently.

2) One has 4 letters the other has 5 in the name.

3) UNIX will usually only run on the manufacturers hardware, Linux will run on any 386 based system.

4) UNIX is expensive, Linux is free.

5) UNIX has more command line programs.....no...wait...it does not.....

6) Linux does not have all of the types of applications UNIX does......wait...yes it does.

7) UNIX has been around since the earliest days of operating systems...ok UNIX has that one...but Linux is basically a clone of UNIX.

When you start comparing the two, unless you are running some very special programming it looks like Linux is really the way to go, especially if you are a UNIX person now. There is almost no learning curve and there are tons of applications available. Will Linux ever kill UNIX...it just might, UNIX already is being see less and less. But will Linux ever replace Mac and Windows....well......if you had not noticed MAC OS now IS BSD (which I count as a Linux since it is a free Unix, can run Linux apps etc......but that's just me), it just has a nice cover, but you can pull up a shell and there it is the Unix/Linux shell......Will Linux replace Windows......maybe, that will take some time but if you use Windows 7 now you can see that Microsoft is scared .They actually had to make a better OS this time to compete (heaven forbid a better OS from Microsoft).

So there it is, unlike Alien vs Predator, UNIX vs Linux is a little clearer. Linux is already the victor and will continue to win until UNIX is something that only old programmers in rocking chairs talk about.