How to set up a Website-Hosting

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Web Hosting

So you want to set up a web site. You may have an idea for the next Google, or a great new product you want to sell. What ever the reason you have decided you want to make yourself known on the internet. When confronted with this you will have to decide several things. Do you pay someone to create and host your site? Do you do it yourself? How much will it cost? How do I get a Domain Name? The list goes on and on. This article will address how to get your Domain name and a place to host your site. If you decide that you are going to pay someone to do this for you that will work to but you need to know it will not be cheap and there is always the chance that you will not maintain total control of your site as you will be allowing someone else to do that for you.

So first things first. You will need a domain name. There are a ton of companies that do this, etc but we will give you a place that will do it for free later. For now you need to find out if the name you want is available. Be very careful if you use anyone other than who we recommend. It can be very difficult to change host sites or make sure you are in sole control if you do not.To find a domain name go to WHOIS. You can use them to see if a domain is available but DO NOT buy it from them. Type the domain name in the form to see if it is available or not. If it is not they will have recommendations for you. Once you have your domain name picked out you are ready to buy it and have a place on the internet to host your site.

We recommend that you use Hostmonster to buy our domain name and host your site. If you host your site with them they will register your domain for FREE. They offer great service and you will have total control of your site content and domain name. The cost is only $6.95 per month for unlimited bandwidth, emails, pages, can you go wrong! Click this link to Hostmonster if you want to use them to host your site and register your domain.

There are a number of free tools on your Hostmonster site that you can use to create site content. You can set up Forums, there are content management programs like Joomla, file managers, FTP, SSH, databases, Tools for setting up web sales (credit cards), and much much more.

Now that you have a site you need to create the content. To do this you will need to learn some HTML and/or get a program to create the HTML for you. There are many products to do this you can use programs like Adobe® Dreamweaver® but there are plenty of programs to choose from.

That is the content of another article, for now you have what you need to get a domain name and have a great, inexpensive place to host your site.  Good Luck!

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