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The Ultimate PC Station

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If you are REALLY REALLY serious about your PC use and your gaming/work environment take a look at this thing. It looks like something from the Matrix meets Star Wars meets Alien. When you strap this thing on you will become one with the Borg.....resistance is futile! This chair does have a major cool factor though, and the price to match....it STARTS at $5000. The manufacture NovelQuest has two models, this is the CHEAP one! We hear the top of the line model can go as high as $50,000. Even this...base...model has some great features. It can hold one to three monitors, has 5.1 surround sound with the sub in the seat, the entire station can tilt for maximum comfort, a built in control panel, and yes....even a cup holder. This cool looking design seems like it would be an awesome place for online gaming to give you that total immersion experience. Plus did we say you would look cool? If you have a few grand to part with this may be some place to put it.

Since we were looking at this we decided to find out what else was out there (or could we build one for ourselves). A quick search of Ebay found the Nethrone Chair. At $1250 it is much cheaper but it looks like it does a lot of what the NovelQuest model does. It does look a bit less robust and also it only holds one monitor (but we guess you could mod this to hold 3).

Beyond the I wanna look cool and this is neat toy perspective there actually could be a real use for this for those with back issues or people who have a problem sitting all day at a computer....maybe you should ask the boss for one!!!!

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