Big Brother Google is watching

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Google has updated its browser toolbar after the application was caught tracking urls even when specifically "disabled" by the user. That means Google was tracking where you went on the internet even with the application turned Brother really is watching.

In a Monday blog Post, Harvard professor and noted Google critic Ben Edelmen provided evidence of the Google toolbar transmitting data back to the Mountain View Chocolate Factory after he chose to disable the application in the browser window he was currently using.

"The feature is described as 'enhanced' and 'helpful,' and Google chooses to tout it with a prominence that indicates Google views the feature as important," Edelman said. "Moreover, the accept button features bold type plus a jumbo size (more than twice as large as the button to decline). And the accept button has the focus - so merely pressing Space or Enter (easy to do accidentally) serves to activate Enhanced Features without any further confirmation."

The bug affects Google Toolbar versions 6.3.911.1819 through 6.4.1311.42 for Internet Explorer. An update that fixes the bug is now available here, and the company intends to automatically update users' tool bars sometime today.