iPad users having issues-The fix? Don't use microwave!

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Users who rushed to buy up Apple's iPad are complaining  that they're having trouble connecting it to the Internet.

"Add me to the list with problems! I'm very disappointed that there's no solution either," one user wrote. "Does anyone think this can be fixed with an update, or should I just get a refund while there's time?"

Some users were saying their Wi-Fi connections were weak, others were saying they weren't able to connect with Wi-Fi at all. Some users say laying the iPad on a flat surface makes the problem worse.

The company reported selling 300,000 of the devices Saturday, Apple did offer help on their web page outlining troubleshooting tips for "occasional problems" that included weak Wi-Fi connections or not being able to find a signal.

The tips include turning off other electronics or finding your so urces of interferance such as:

  • Microwave ovens, Bluetooth wireless device, Direct Satellite Service, power lines, electrical railroad tracks, power stations. cordless telephone, metal objects, wireless speakers that operate in the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidth, certain external monitors and LCD displays:

So basically if you live in a house without electricity or electronics that should help you use your IPad.

The jury is still out if the iPad is an overblown telephone or a computer or the best combination of both..only time and the public will tell.