Track your computer if it is stolen with Prey Software

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Thieves are not necessarily the smartest people around. Let’s face it, someone who steals for a living most likely does not have a Doctorate (or maybe even a high school diploma. They take advantage of hard working people who may be to trusting or just have a short lapse in judgment. Most of us now use our PCs for some kind of personal business, work or other things that are important to us. It could be a simple as pictures of loved ones to important legal documents on our PCs, in either case when someone steals our PC we feel violated and could be at financial or personal risk due to the data on our computers.


Now PC owners can fight back. A new program called Prey will help you recover your PC. Prey is a cross-platform application available on for Windows, OS X and Linux. If your computer is stolen it will contact you, tell you where it is, send a screenshot of what the user is doing, show you what programs are running and even take a picture of the thief! You can also have it sound an alarm which may cause the thief to throw the PC in the trash, which may actually be the best outcome you could reasonable hope for.


Prey is a lightweight application that you configure how you like. It runs in the background and could save you a significant amount of heartache if the worst should happen. Take advantage of the stupidity of thief’s by being smart.