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Help I think my computer is taking over my life!!

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Often times I wonder, and get asked, how fast and powerful will computers get? Moores law has been working for some time now the power has gone up, and cost down just about exactly as predicted. If it continues to hold we may as well give up now, just admit defeat and let the computers take over, we are doomed...
Of course that is a bit of exaggeration ..maybe.. but there will come a time when computers are so powerful and fast that they will mimic, and may even have, intelligence. We of course are all doing our own little part to help in this as we create ever smarter programs to take advantage of the ever more powerful hardware. We are also creating this wonderful web we all use and love to connect all of these powerful programs and computers ..can you say Skynet...Borg..Terminator..
In any case in our lifetimes we most likely do not need to worry about our PCs reaching out to take over but we are defiantly in a time of ever changing power and functionality. Someone reading this article most likely will have a conversation some day with their computer that will be so close to talking with a person that they will basically forget they are talking to a computer. There have been programs in the past that were specifically designed to mimic thought and intellect. In the future these will not be specificlly designed to do this but will just have this capability as a normal course of events. When that happens we will start to really blur the line between interacting with a computer and interacting with a human.

We already have the ability built in to be able to talk to our PCs and have them talk back to us. This capability is actually fairly sophisticated and capably today. We are just a few steps away from a more meaning interaction. With multiple core processors, cheap ram, fast clocks, we are a few software strokes away from what could pass as a real interaction with our technology.
So you may ask yourself why do I bring all of this up...From time to time we have to remind ourselves that this is technology meant to make the human existence better. We should not loose site of the fact the we have been around a lot longer that computers and we do need to be mindful of allowing them to control to much of our lives. We all in our own way are working to make computers more capable. Even if you are not in the industry simply using a PC and buying software supports that evolution. They can do awesome things and are an integrated part of our lives now, like it or not. Unless you live in a shack in the woods and don't have electricity your life is touched every day by the technology. Use it, enjoy it, but keep it in perspective.

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