Best Sites on the Web!!

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These are some of the best sites on the web. They are not sponsors and we are not paid to link to them they are just some of the best sites on the web that we like to use.


Toms Hardware

This is one of the very best sites on the internet if you want to know what the best hardware is to buy right now. They have up to date articles and reviews of the best buy for your dollar as well as high and low end hardware. This site has been around since the 90s and if you need to know what the best video card, mother board, memory etc. is this is the place to go.

Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct is one of those sites that almost always has the best prices and offers. If you want to get new hardware go to Toms Hardware first to see what the best hardware is then go to Tiger Direct to buy it!


This is a great forum for all topics related to Windows.

Sea and Sky

This site is a great resource for anyone into astronomy or the study of the oceans. Some great pics of space and ocean life as well as many other related items.

Michele's Paint Shop

Michele's Paint Shop is dedicated to providing you with free PSP Tubes, Paint Shop Professional Tutorials, and information on Web & Graphic Design optimization.