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Antivirus Protection at the right price!

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For the most part in the recent past Virus programs were small programs that were written by kids in college, or high school to prove to themselves and others how smart they were. Thus the name "Script Kiddies" was coined. These could be harmful in that they could cause you to loose data or slow your computer but for the most part that is about it. The Internet has matured to the point now where you could suffer real financial harm should the wrong virus get on to your computer. No longer is it just an annoyance with your computer running slow or hard drive crashing now they can get into your bank account or steal your personal information such as your Social Security number. I will not go into to many examples of how these work but let me give you one that is easy to understand.

There are virus programs out there that will record all of your keystrokes and then send them to the bad guys.....so if you ever type anything into your keyboard like passwords, log into bank accounts, personal info....ANYTHING...they will have that info and can then log in as you. This is only one example of a what a virus can do. I hope this example shows you how critical it is to protect yourself.

Not that long ago the need to have your computer protected with anti-virus software was not great. The odds were you would be safe and it was not that easy to get them...this is no longer true. I would actually say odds are you have had one in the past or have one right now, just based on the fact that you are on the internet. So how do you protect yourself? Its not that hard. I assume you are running a firewall so with that you need to run Anti-Virus software. There are many out there you can pay for such as Norton, McAfee, etc. and they are good but our goal here is to help you save some money and still be protected. You can get great protection for free by using AVG software. We have been using it for years and prefer it over the other pay programs. I have actually uninstalled other commercial anti-virus programs and installed Free AVG in their place many times and had great results. The key is to RUN the software.

If you just install it and never run the software you will not be protected. I recommend you run it every day. When you are not on the system is best so it will not interfere with your other work. AVG is nice this way as you can schedule when you want it to run. And that is the time it will run. The other commercial programs will try to run as soon as you boot your computer if you missed a scan and this causes it to run VERY slowly. Here is a link to AVG:

AVG - One of the best free Anti-Virus programs

It will not annoy you with pop up ads, or install tracking cookies or any other things that many so called free programs do. KnowledgeOrb recommends this software as our top pick for free anti-virus protection. There are many other commercial programs you can buy, but honestly this is every bit as good and it's free. Here are a few more free programs you can try if you like:


  • AVAST 4 Home Edition
  • AntiVir Personal Edition Classic

  • Here is the message...if you don't have some kind of protection get it TODAY! There is no excuse great protection is free!


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