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PCModer saw the need by our readers to take a DVD and publish it on the Web for their friends to see. The software to do this can be very expensive and the steps complicated to figure out so we put together a series of articles to first rip your DVD to a file, put that file to a format you can put on the Web, and finally place your video on your own web site. Our goal was to do this using only Free software (which you can download here). When we say free we do not mean free to download but Freeware that will cost you nothing to use. This article is the second in that series and focuses on conversion of your original file from format to Flash. This could be MPEG2FLV, AVI2FLV, MOV2FLV, etc. Flash is available to 98 percent of computer users on the internet and therefore of you want to put a video on the internet you want to use flash. You could use MPEG or AVI but that will seriously limit who can easily see your video.

There are a lot of programs out there that will take your  MPG, AVI, MOV etc. and convert it to Flash .flv format but many are very expensive and only offer limited functionality. After comparing various programs we found Free Video Converter from fit the bill.

Free video_converter

This software is totally free, has no spyware or unwanted adware and has many great features. Basically the program takes your file and converts it between various formats We used it to convert MPEG to FlV but it offers MPEG1, ASF, MP4, MOV, AVI, and etc. You can select various codecs, bitrates and scales to adjust the quality of your video to suit your needs.

We wanted to push the software hard so we decided to use it to create a full screen 16:9 video which we would then publish to the web with near DVD quality. If the software can do this it should be able to do anything you need. We took our MPEG file and converted it to Flash .flv and although it was a 1 gig file it was indeed near DVD quality.

If you also need a Flash viewer in order to see your file we have a free one we recommend. Wimpy is a simple straight forward Flash view which you can download for free here

Wimpy Free Flash Viewer

The  software is simple to use and self explanatory. If you want to create a high quality video from a DVD it will take some time to do and have plenty of storage on your hard drive as the file can get very big. Of course if you lower the quality the video the file will be smaller.

You can download the Free Video Converter from us by clicking the link below:

Free Video Converter Software Download

Our next article will explain how to publish the flash video on the web so everyone can see your hard work! Look for the next article right here on for great free software to do just that!