Quartz RC1 Official Release

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Quartz is a media player that will let you play almost any file. It uses the codex that are on you computer already, or you can download the free codex pack from K-lite. Quartz utilizes the windows areo that is in windows vista/7. You can still uses quartz on xp but the background color will be black. Quartz has a skin able UI, with it's base objects, and up to 10 different "elements" can be added in, for additional graphics. We have also put in an Update System; it will ask if you want to check for an update, when you start.

We have put in a DesignShop. The DesignShop is a place where you can let you inner designer be free. It is a fast and easy way to make skins. With its drag able inter face you can easy make a skin with out ever having to code a config file, unlike other media players like win-amp.

"I have to thank all of my betas for testing this app out for two months before it was good and stable enough for it's RC1 release. There will be updates, often, so make sure that atleast once a week you allow the updater to run." ~ Ron Murphy