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"So one of the things that i miss a lot is being able to simple press the Print Screen key and have the OS simple save the screencap to a file.

This is an answer to it. PrintScreen2File sits in your system tray, waiting for you to press Print Screen.

It makes use of two engines, a System Hook, and a Custom engine. You can choose between "System" box and "Custom" for the way you want to do your screenshots.

System lets you choose to save the mouse cursor, and what output format it is saved as.

Custom lets you save the screen, save the active window, or get a region by use of your mouse.

It auto-starts with windows. I think this will be an useful tool to screencap peoples everywhere, be they desktop modders, app development, rainmeters, wallpaper artists, iconists, etc...

This app also supports dual (or multiple) monitors if you leave it in "System", also, if you do "System", you can take great pics inside of any game of your choosing, that is, it works in DirectX.

Made in .Net." (~Solo-Dev)

You can download it using following link:

Download PrintScreen2File.