How to make a Photoshop Icon

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Welcome today we will be teaching you how to make a Photoshop icon with Adobe® Photoshop® CS4.

What we will end up with.

1) Open a new document that is 256x256. File> New

2) Use the rounded rectangle tool and drag a square out. Call this base. *Hint- remember to hole SHIFT to make it a perfect square*

3) Set the color to a nice blue I used #005cb2.

4) Open up the layer styles and apply these settings

You should have this now

5) Using the pen tool, You want to make a make a small wave.

6) Select the base layer hold CTRL and click on the thumb nail, now hold CTRL+ATL+SHIFT and click on the new layer. You should now have a selection like this:

7) Make a new layer call it shine. Use the gradient tool an make it white to transparent. Hold SHIFT and drag from the top of the of the selection do just under it.

8) Change the opacity to 42%

9) Using the type tool set the font to Myriad Pro Semibold, type Ps and you are done.

Final result.