Is Windows 7 the best MS OS ever?

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Since Microsoft came to life the quality of the Microsoft OS's has varied. Bill Gates was a smart man when he realized that IBM had dropped the ball and contended all the money to be made in PCs was in the hardware and not the software..nice move IBM. He went out and bought an OS, licensed it and Microsoft was born. DOS was ... well..a Disk Operating System. That was about it. Since then an OS is not only defined by how it manages the disks and hardware but also by the software it comes bundled with. Email, Drawing, Web browsers all now are part of the OS. In reality the OS stands for "Operating System" NOT "software bundle", but things have evolved and it is what it is.

Some of the poorer Microsoft OSs were ME, Vista, some of the DOS versions, etc. Like so many large corporations Microsoft strayed from making sure an OS did what it was supposed to do, operate the system. Thus we got operating systems like these that were not stable, forced users to reboot constantly, were bloated resource hogs and frankly took advantage of the mindless masses who though that other OSs like MAC and Linux did not matter.To them Microsoft was the only game in town. In point of fact Linux has evolved well and is uber stable, and Macintosh also has a fine OS. With the Vista mess Microsoft finally got a reality shot when the masses stood up and revolted, installing XP on their brand new PCs and throwing Vista out the windows (pun intended).

Microsoft realized they had to get back to the roots of what and OS is and create a stable platform that will be reliable and easy for the end With Windows 7 they nailed it. The PCModer staff have been using Windows 7 since the beta days and we have to say it...maybe somewhat begrudgingly... they got it right. Looking at the MAC OS and using an interface that is very much like that, fixing the back end code making it a stable system like Linux, Windows 7 may go down as the best OS Microsoft ever deployed.

It is not a resource hog, has a great interface, it is insinuative, and does not crash with frustrating regularity! Will it save Microsoft (or at least their reputation)? Well most likely those that were looking at MAC and Linux will now return to the Windows fold so they will stop loosing market share, and maybe gain some. With Windows 7 the have put a finger in the dike that could have resulting in them ultimately no longer being the dominate OS. This time they pulled it together and got it right. Will they get lazy and for get the lesson of Vista, releasing a bad OS again....only time will tell.