Windows XP Black Edition

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XP Black

What is the Windows XP Black Edition? While we do not condone the use of pirated software we have recieved many emails asking about this so we wrote this article in order to explain what this is. This is NOT a licensed version of XP, as you may have guessed. Windows Black Edition is one of the cracked, slipstreamed Windows editions that some people or Warez group make and populate around the Internet, usually through Warez and P2P sites. What slipstreamed means is that it already contains a number of software applications that most people find useful, and those applications are usually cracked as well.

Keep in mind though that these editions are all essentially illegal. And more often than not, they contain viruses and/or trojan horses built into them. The Windows Black Edition in particular has a bad reputation of being unstable, sometimes showing the notorious Blue Screen of Death right after installation. The reason Windows Black has received is because of its stylish, Vista-ish look and myriad of customisation options. This is a version that has been hacked and is available, illegally, for free. It supposedly requires less memory from your system and it doesn’t need a serial number as this is the unattended version.

If you decide to try it do so at your own risk and be aware that you could be installing an OS that has things like a key logger, spyware etc. built right in...this does not seem like a good idea...