Chinese Ylmf Looks like XP

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ylmf OS

Let's face it, there are many Chinese who need an OS and they are not as rich as the rest of the world may be. Thus they find inventive ways to use existing OS's to do what they want. In this case the wanted the look and feel of Windows XP but the cost of Ubuntu (Free). So here it is the Ylmf looks and feels like XP but is really Ubuntu. Why would you do this? Maybe to fool some people into thinking they are buying a PC with Windows, maybe for fun, who knows. In any case it does look like they did a good job. It can be downloaded for free and you can try it yourself if you have to speak Chinese of course...Here is the Ylmf web site. There is no English version available but we thought this was an interesting idea. Of course many people use Ubuntu/Linux to get AWAY from Windows so this may me something the Linux community is very much against.

Here is a demo video of it on a laptop as well